Pittens&Latour go international.

Get to know them a bit

Charlotte Rutgers-Latour and Cindy Pittens are practically attached to the hip! Often mistaken for being sisters - 100% intune with each other. A stream of pleasure, warmth and sense of humor will come your way and they contaminate you with all of it. 
Truthfull, pure, passionate, honest, direct and smart. Singing, moving and playing with utter surrender to the moment and each other. 



Home is about life as it is. 
You close the door and you're at home. What's outside can be left there, what's inside, is yours. Your house, your partner, family. Your body, head, your heart. Your home. 
Based on a good advice, an audiencemember got in his/her life - we create a small insight in someones home. We use family constellations as an inspirationtool. 

We sing, dance, move, play and use spoken word. Recognizable, absurd, painful and rewarding pleasure. Sensitive confessions and small victories. Dynamic, colourful, musical, poetic and close... close to home.

Length: 30 - 45 minutes


See and being seen.
We love to work with senses and connection. What do you hear, see and feel as an audience and as a player. What do you perceive from your coplayer and what impact has it on you? How do you create connection and what impact has connection on the choices you make als a player and your personage? 

Playing with offers and impulses. If we assume everything you hear, see and feel is game-offer, you do'nt have to think of something anymore. You just have to choose. Follow impulses and find out where it takes  And then... how to keep those choices pure?
We could take a look at self sensuring. How many times do we reject an impuls because it wasn't goed, funny of nice enough. And what happens then to your self confidence and spontanaety in that split of a second? And how does that work out for the connection to your fellowplayers?

So you see and you are being seen. Let's work with that. 

Length: 3 hours - 2 days